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This website is dedicated to the memory of Jessica Lincoln Smith, a John Marsden fan.
Lost tragically at 26, but never to be forgotten.

The Night is For Hunting
Book 6 in "The Tomorrow Series" by John Marsden

WARNING: Blows the plot of this novel
Please don't read on if this concerns you

Quite a change of pace and not a novel to pick up as your intro to the series. It starts with intense action, it ends with intense action but in between ? Well, recovery, reconciliation, growth; some of what Ellie was talking about in "The Dead of the Night" when she was saying that if the war took away their ability to grow, then they had lost.

The team is no longer suicidal, as they were at the start of "Burning for Revenge", but they have certainly changed. Ellie has to try to deal with how badly she has been damaged by the war, has to try and come to terms with what Lee has done, has to learn to be responsible for others who can't be responsible for themselves. There is a lot of growing up in "The Night is For Hunting" as the team take several more steps into adulthood.

Homer discovers patience and the joys of children; Fi struggles to help Ellie; Lee fights his own internal battle with shame, eventually finding the strength to regain Ellie's trust; Kevin recovers and regains some respect from the others as a teacher; even Colonel Finley is rehabilitied by his joy at what they achieved in "Burning for Revenge" and his willingness to help.

Quite a contemplative book, intermingled with four sections of great tension, but overall contemplative. Sometimes you can just hear the cicadas calling, the leaves rustling, the quiet sounds of the Australian bush. You feel the aching sorrow of Ellie as she sits with the dead child all alone on the old logging track. You experience her relief and the spreading calm as Lee apologises. You feel her sense of well being as they banish the war for a few days.

Slowly, the group is woven back together. None of them will fail again. Instead they will go into the terrible events of "The Other Side of Dawn" as a team, they will support, encourage and care for each other in that, the final book, as they advance into the disaster that awaits.

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