Fray at Bray's 05 (115 images)

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The ships

The crew

The lawn mower

Chris's North Carolina runs aground and gets pounded

A Northampton class cruiser does not last much longer

Before being joined by a German Battlecruiser

While a Queen Elizabeth and an Invincible trade a thumping

Battle at Bray's. The really big difference between Biggun and Smallgun being that the small gunners use reverse, which makes battles often start with a positional joust, while Biggun battles are always swirling melees

Sometimes it takes not battle damage to put you under, with ships regularly dragging their decks under as they slam around the pond, a less than perfect deck seal can have very negative consequences

A nice WWII refit of an old American battlewagon

What you don't want to happen. A North Carolina gets caught by a Bismark and before she can shake the Bismark loose, is so peppered all the skipper can do is stand back and watch ....

The Northampton class cruiser does it again

A North Carolina has another glancing runing with a Bismark

This Queen in the forground looks like its sinking, but actually its just manouvering astern - at speed

The other North Carolina takes the refreshing plunge

German Battlecruiser sandwich

There is a real problem with over use of 'full astern'

Though not everyone who is sunk sucumbs to this peril

There does though seem to be something wrong with the North Carolina's this weekend

In biggun we don't use pyrotechnics, but they sure are impressive

Sunday afternoon cruiser battle. After being totally unable to sink Flugel's K class cruiser, the opposition comes up with a cunning plan ...

Before losing one of their own, twice ...