Sydney Morning Herald, 10th July 2010

jessica lincoln smith

This website is in loving memory of Jessica Lincoln Smith,
who died in her sleep on the 22nd of September 2009.

jessica lincoln smithShe was just 26.

She was an extraordinary girl.

Jess had significant health issues that meant she often faced the prospect of death - and it terrified her.

But worse was the thought that, should she die, she may soon be forgotten - "fading away like a wet footprint on a hot rock" as she put it.

That is what she said, but really she was asking the eternal questions "Am I loved?" and "Do I matter?"

Yes Jess, you were loved very much and you mattered a very great deal.

While this young woman did not construct bridges, make major scientific discoveries, represent Australia on the sporting field or add physically to the great ongoing pagent of human achievement - she did not leave this world unchanged. She does not go into the eternal dark unknown or unnoticed.

Her impact was on the people around her, the people who knew her, and now, maybe, on the people who visit her memorial here.

She will not fade away, not while those of us who knew her live.

If your just passing through, click on the photo to the right and admire her astonishing beauty, or click on the photo below and look into her captivating eyes, then move on knowing that Jessica Lincoln Smith was loved, that she mattered and she is missed very much.

But if you have the time to stay for a while, then hit the 'continue' link and let me tell you about my experience of this unique human being.

Let me tell you about this challenging, captivating, frustrating, wonderful girl. This girl who helped me, who challenged me and made me grow, who bought great joy into my life.

Let me tell you about this girl I loved, Jessica Anne Lincoln Smith.



jessica lincoln smith

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