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This website is dedicated to the memory of Jessica Lincoln Smith, a John Marsden fan.
Lost tragically at 26, but never to be forgotten.

About this site

I picked up "Tomorrow, When The War Began" on December the7th, 2002. I went back and bought the other 6 the next day and by December 13th had finished the series.

I feel a bit embarrased to say that one of the things that really had an impact on me this last year was a series of novels, but its true.

They reminded me of a lot of things from my past, prompted me to examine at where I was and also look at where I was headed. In looking at who I used to be and who I had become, I had to answer quite a few questions about who I wanted to be, what I stood for and what price I was willing to pay to be that way. The answers changed how I think of myself. Quite a surprise and not at all what I was expecting when I picked up "Tomorrow, When The War Began".

I am not saying that these novels will affect you or anyone else in that sort of way. That is not the point. The point is that they are very good novels that deserve to be more widely known, especially amoung adult readers and internationally.

This website has three purposes.

  1. To help people, especially young Australians, answer some of the questions that the novels raise. This is covered in the section "Things to Explore".
  2. To be a companion to people who have enjoyed the series and are interested in other takes on the books, the characters or some of the events.
  3. To help introduce these books to people who may otherwise have never considered reading them.

But at the bottom of all it all, this website is really just my way of saying "thanks" to John Marsden and the team at Pan-Macmillan for the work they did in bringing this series to fruition. A series I really enjoyed and got a lot out of.

Thanks folks, your efforts are appreciated.

Richard Simpson
March 2003

Note: Quotes and Characters from the "Tomorrow" Series used with permission

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