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This website is dedicated to the memory of Jessica Lincoln Smith, a John Marsden fan.
Lost tragically at 26, but never to be forgotten.

Things to Explore

One of the things I found most interesting about the "Tomorrow" series it what it made me think about. I like literature that makes me think, especially about who I am, right and wrong, what is important and what does not matter. This page is intended to address some of the issues raised as well as cover background information about some of the events and organisations encountered.

Invading Australia
The basic premise for the novels is an all out, conventional, invasion of Australia and the high intensity war that follows. This link takes a look at how reasonable/likely such an invasion is.


Real World Threats to Australia
An overview of the actual threats faced by Australia, as opposed to those depicted in the novel.


The Enemy
In the novels the invaders of Australia are never identified. Of course this means everyone loves to speculate as to who they might be. This page has a look at who they might be and at some of their actions.

Do Tankers Go Bang ?
John Marsden seems to have a love affair with petrol as an explosive. Time and again he uses petrol to blow things up. This page takes a look at how reasonable this is

Pictures of the places used in the Tomorrow Series
External Link to Tim's site where he has pics of the sites in Southern Australia that became Hell, Tailor's Stitch and Satan's Steps.. Includes a letter from David Baldwin who took the photos.

Much more rugged than I had first imaginged, no wonder they hated climbing in and out.

Outward Bound
All the main characters in the novel (except Fi and likely Chris) have done a "Schools Course" with Outward Bound Australia. Its not emphasised or explained but it is significant. Outward Bound Australia is a marvelous organisation and this page briefly covers what they do.

I think it would be fair to say that the characters in the series embody many of the values Outward Bound seek to instill in their graduates.

John Marsden on the ABC TV program, Australian Story
External Link to the ABC "Australian Story" Website

On September 9th, 2002 John Marsden was featured on the ABC program "Australian Story". The transcript of this program is linked to above. This is probably the most interesting interview with him I have read.

Charlotte Lindsay (whom Ellie Linton's best characteristics are based on) also features. Unfortunately how she responded when she found out she was the model for Ellie is not recounted. (Hopefully she smiled, then thumped John Marsden soundly).


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