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This website is dedicated to the memory of Jessica Lincoln Smith, a John Marsden fan.
Lost tragically at 26, but never to be forgotten.

The Characters from John Marsden's "Tomorrow" series.

Character profiles for each of the main characters in "Tomorrow, When The War Began" and its sequels. Ellie Linton, Homer Yannos, Fiona Maxwell, Lee, Robyn Mathers, Corrie Mackenzie, Chris Lang

John Marsden’s greatest strength as a writer is his grasp of character, emotion and psychology. Over the years he has written about many interesting, powerful people.

From Marina in “So Much To Tell You”, to the troubled Winter De Sade in “Winter” and haunted, driven Lisa Morris in “Take My Word For It” he has painted believable characters struggling with who they are. Yet none of them face challenges of the magnitude that the characters of the "Tomorrow" series face.

Below you will find my take on each of the main characters in this series, along with the group as a whole.

Ellie Linton
Homer Yannos
Fiona Maxwell
Robyn Mathers
Corrie Mackenzie
Kevin Holmes
Chris Lang


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