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This website is dedicated to the memory of Jessica Lincoln Smith, a John Marsden fan.
Lost tragically at 26, but never to be forgotten.

Locating books by John Marsden

Its not hard to find John Mardsen's books in Australia or New Zealand, (Target, KMart, any book store) but for those elsewhere it can be a bit tricky. Local libraries are often a good bet, but failing that, here are some links you can use.

If anyone has some links or instructions to add, please use the email link at the bottom of this page to send them to me.

In general, a good rule of thumb is that US $2 = Aus $3 and One GB Pound = Aus $3. This is a link to a more accurate currency converter

Neither I nor this site have any affiliation of any sort with the book stores listed here (other than as a customer in some cases). This page is simply a means of helping readers find copies of John Marsden's books.

When ordering books, generally there is a 'per shipment' charge and a 'per book' charge. This 'per shipment' charge can be quite significant if buying from overseas so it is often a good idea to buy a few books at a time.

Books available in the US

For people in the US, or ordering books from the US, here is a list of all John Marsden books available at The entire "Tomorrow" series is available in the US.

Note: The novels in the US often have different titles. The novels of the "Tomorrow" series have glossaries decoding the "Ozzie" terms used (wonder how they described "Iced Vovo" ?) and "So Much To Tell You" even has an explaination of what happend to Marina 's face (added at the request of the American publisher).

Those of John Marsden's books that are not available from the US can be purchased from Australia quite effectively.

Books available in the UK

For people in Great Britain, or ordering books from Great Britain, there is a smaller range of books available for some reason, (most of the paperbacks are "out of print") here is a list of what is available from "Amazon UK".

Those of John Marsden's books that are not available from the UK can be purchased from Australia quite effectively.

Books available in France and Canada (in French)

For people in France, go to, go to 'books' and search for John Marsden. You will find all of his stuff right away. Availability from bookstores is also quite good aparently.

From, go to the French section and search for John Marsden.

At this time, only the first six books in the Tomorrow series are available in French. The titles are different.

"Tomorrow When the War Began" becomes "Apocalypse"
"The Dead of the Night" becomes "Opération survie"
"The Third Day, The Frost" becomes "Le Dernier sacrifice" (The last sacrifice)
"Darkness, Be My Friend" becomes "Aller-simple vers l'enfer" (A one way ticket to Hell)
"Burning for Revenge" becomes "Attention danger !"
"The Night is for Hunting" becomes "Chasse nocturne"

If you get stuck, or wish to discuss the books with another French speaker, you can email Polly who has kindly volunteered to help

Ordering books from Australia

For everyone else and for books that are not available in the UK or US, then they can be ordered from Australia

There are a number of online bookstores in Australia that I have found, but one in particular is easy to search, link to and has a good price on shipping.

That is

They recommend "Economy Air" for overseas purchasers unless you really need it super quick. The "Economy Air" shipping charge to the Europe for one book was $8 Australian last time I checked (2nd April 2003) and goes up by about $4 per book after that (remember: this is just a rule of thumb) so this is again a place to order a few books from at a time. The nice thing about their shipping costs is they are based on the actual weight of the books shipped, and these books are fairly light. Checking the prices against those for Australia Post shows them to be charging very close to "cost" for shipping.

This link will provide an "correct up to the minute" list all of John Marsden's books at

The following links are for particular books at this bookstore: Just click on the first link you want, on the page hit "Add to Cart", then "Back" to return here, click on the next link, "Add to Cart", back here, etc. When you have all you want, hit "Checkout". The website is obviously using cookies so it remembers what is in your cart even when you are back on this page.

Got something to say ? You can contact me at: